Lotto Zesdaagse

Summer 2021
Ghent (BE)
Niche: Brand activation

About this event

The Zesdaagse of Flanders-Ghent is a track cycling race in ‘t Kuipke in Ghent. During this six-day event, cycling enthusiasts can enjoy a mix of elite cycling and entertainment. Every day there are different competitions on the program such as the team race, Derny, super sprint, points race and time trials, interspersed with entertainment and musical performances.

The main sponsor, Lotto, provided six times per evening some entertainment with the Lotto Cam, where visitors were able to win prizes. The Lotto Cam was looking in the audience for enthusiastic people and chose a winner who won the Lotto price package.

Shadows was called in as coordinator of the Lotto Win Cam during the Lotto Zesdaagse. The freelancer was in contact with the host who verbally guided the Lotto Cam, the director of the cameras, the cameramen and the responsible of Lotto. With clear communication and agreements with all parties, the freelancer ensured that the Lotto Cam was running smoothly every evening.

What Shadows did

  • Brand activation

  • Technical support

  • Event management

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