Event management

& production

Collective of event experts that live by a singular motto: highlight the possible.

We manage produce create
your event

Shadows goes all out for your event. Focussing on your needs and bringing our broad experience to the table, we assist you from event preparation to the entire management of your event. While doing this, we always have the mission, vision and identity of your company in mind.

Our team

We are a team of dedicated event experts. All our freelancers have their personal expertise, a healthy dose of motivation and won't stop working until the last detail is tended to. Together we get the job done.


Event management

  1. Preparation:
    1. Location scouting
    2. Production planning
    3. Negotiation & cost optimisation
    4. Crew briefings
    5. Crew training
    6. Financial management
  2. On site:
    1. Crew coordination
    2. Production planning follow-up
    3. Troubleshooting

Event production

  1. Build-up and build-off
  2. Logistics optimisation
  3. Logistical support
    1. B, BE, C, CE license
    2. Forklift, (rotating) telescopic handler, cherry picker
    3. Safety for Operational Supervisors (VCA VOL)
    4. All freelancers have their own toolkit
  4. Technical coordination
  5. Technical production

Food & beverages

  1. Supplier management
  2. Stock management
  3. Bar management
  4. Crew management and hospitality training

Event consulting

  1. Analysis event + debriefings
  2. Feedback strategy
  3. Operational excellence
  4. Official service provider of KMO-portefeuille.

Brand activation

  1. Concepting
  2. Project management
  3. Logistics
  4. Coordination
  5. Production

Crew & hospitality management

  1. Crew coordination
  2. Crew training
  3. Hospitality training
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