Vondelmolen Peperkoek

Maximilien Roberti Lobke Vangansbeke
Autumn 2022
Flanders (BE)
Niche: Brand activation

About this event

Vondelmolen Peperkoek is a Belgian brand that’s been making spice cake for over 150 years. With a brand activation campaign, grounded on the tagline ‘Get the best out of yourself’, they focussed on the energy you get from the tasty cake. A promo car with a talking spice cake on the roof toured across different cities in Flanders to cheer people on during their day-to-day activities and invite them to taste the product. During ‘De Warmste Week’, the talking spice made its return to applaud runners and hikers at the ‘Warmathons’.

Shadows was asked by June20 to manage this entire campaign, which they directed creatively. We decided on the locations of the brand activation and made the necessary agreements with local authorities. We gathered a team of energetic hosts to hand out the samples and made sure they looked splendid. To get the spice cake on the roof to talk, we cast an improvisation actor that found the perfect tone to address passers-by in a cheeky but inviting way. We briefed everyone involved and a project manager of our team accompanied every brand activation to drive the car, monitor the team and quality control the sampling.Over 30 000 people got to taste Vondelmolen Peperkoek, but many more were cheered on by the talking spice cake while walking or running past the car.

What Shadows did

  • Project management
  • Brand activation

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