Vunzige Deuntjes

Dario De Braeckeleer
Niche: Food & beverages

About this event

Vunzige Deuntjes is a concept from Amsterdam that has grown into one of the largest organisations within the hip-hop and R&B scene in the Benelux.

Smeltkroes called upon the wide range of services of Shadows for the editions of Vunzige Deuntjes they host in Belgium.

Smeltkroes asked Shadows to help with the events in Belgium. During the events a freelancer of Shadows is present as event manager to support the organizers. Shadows helps with the preparations of the events and is responsible for the food and beverages. This concerns: the choice of the assortment, calculating the quantities for each event and bar, drawing up 3D renders for the bars, making the production planning, determining the occupation of the crew for the event itself and communicating with all partners involved.

What Shadows did

  • Event management
  • Food & beverages
  • Event optimization

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