The Brunch Society

A Point Events
Dario De Braeckeleer
May 2023
Brussels (BE)
Niche: Food & beverages

About this event

The Brunch Society is an event that treats its visitors to an all-encompassing experience in an inclusive setting, enjoying tasteful bites and beverages while listening to vibrant tunes. The second edition was hosted at the impressive Villa Empain and was brought to life by Shadows, in co-creation with À Point Events.

Prior to the event, we determined the amount and range of drinks that were going to be offered and integrated the system of reusable cups. 3D renders of the bar were made to map out the ideal set-up and cooling space. A freelancer of our team coordinated a flawless execution of this set-up and managed the bar during the event, smooth sailing all the way through.

What Shadows did

  • F&B Management
  • F&B Productie

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