Dario De Braeckeleer Maximilien Roberti Miguel Bogaert Nicolas Minnaert Lobke Vangansbeke Michiel Maes Jasper Meuldermans
July 2022 & 2023
Deinze (BE)
Niche: Event management

About this event

Beauville is a Belgian day-time festival located on the beautiful grounds of the Ooidonk Castle. Visitors are in for a treat with premium food and drinks, classy decorations and visual effects and a line-up of national and international DJ’s such as Maxim Lany, Push, Red D and Jaydee. Starting as a single day event, 2022 was the first year people could enjoy the beats for two days in a row. In 2023 the festival celebrated its fifth anniversary, adding three extra stages.

Shadows has been a reliable partner for Beauville since 2018. Using our expertise in event management and production, we assemble high-performing and corresponding teams, allowing us to run multiple parts of this event.

A production team took care of a smooth build-up and build-off and oversaw everything during the event itself, troubleshooting where necessary. Several food & beverages managers and producers ensured that bars and their crew operated at their very best, while our VIP managers safeguarded the best service for the people enjoying the VIP experience. Our exterior team guided all visitors safely to the castle and kept track of all things happening around the festival site. Lastly, our back-office managers supported all of this behind the scenes, helping the entire crew, visitors and our own team out.

An exciting dynamic that allowed everyone to give their best and take this production to the next level!

What Shadows did

  • Event preparation
  • Event management
  • Event production
  • F&B management and production
  • VIP management
  • Back office management
  • Exterior management

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