Doel Festival

Miguel Bogaert Dario De Braeckeleer Maximilien Roberti
September 2022
Doel (BE)
Niche: Food & beverages

About this event

When it comes to festivals in a unique setting, Doel Festival definitely makes it to the top of the list. Doel is a small village, close to the port of Antwerp. Because of expansion plans of the port, the village has been nearly abandoned for years, making it Belgium’s famous ‘ghost town’. For one weekend, the village was brought back to live through the best contemporary electronic music.

Shadows was responsible for food and beverages production for this remarkable festival. We took care of on-site contact with suppliers, filled up the reefers, built bars and managed stock during and after the event. For this, we teamed up with the fellow event colleagues of MRSHL.

What Shadows did

  • Food & beverages production
  • Stock management

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