Jazz Middelheim

Dario De Braeckeleer Maximilien Roberti Miguel Bogaert Gerben Carron
August 2022
Antwerp (BE)
Niche: Crew & hospitality management

About this event

Jazz Middelheim is the second big Belgian jazz festival, next to Gent Jazz. Every year in August, Antwerp’s Park Den Brandt welcomes an impressive and diverse line-up of artists, with Jef Neve, Thurston Moore Group, Iggy Pop, Fred Hersh and Blackwave among them in 2022.

Like we did at Gent Jazz earlier summer 2022, we provided our full food & beverages service. We further optimized the process of mapping out the bars, rendering them in 3D and deciding on the assortment and its distribution across the various selling points. We stood in for communication with all suppliers before, after and during the festival, and our team of producers took care of the buildup and breakdown of all bars to guarantee everything operated smoothly. We calculated how much crew we would need and our team of bar managers made sure every crew member knew what to do and kept track of stock: limiting overstock as much as possible, but also placing extra orders when necessary.

What Shadows did

  • Food & beverages management
  • Food & beverages production
  • Crew management

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