Gent Jazz

Dario De Braeckeleer Miguel Bogaert Roben Dedecker
July 2022
Gent (BE)
Niche: Crew & hospitality management

About this event

Gent Jazz is one of Belgium’s leading jazz festivals, taking place annually in July against the wonderful background of Ghent’s Bijlokesite. The festival attracts prominent artists from the national and international scene, with amongst other Sting, Ibrahim Maalouf, Agnes Obel, Coely & Sylvie Kreusch on the 2022 line-up.

We were asked to provide our full food & beverages service for this year’s edition. A challenging but rewarding proces with a lot of facets. We mapped out the different bars and turned them into 3D renders, decided on the assortment of drinks and how to distribute it across the various selling points, took care of the actual build-up of the bars. We also decided on how big the food & beverages crew had to be, managed that crew and briefed their team of bar managers to run the game. Lastly, we made sure the stock was taken care of by keeping track of what was being sold, placing extra orders and limiting the overstock to a bare minimum.

What Shadows did

  • Food & beverages management
  • Food & beverages production
  • Crew management

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