20km van Brussel

Maximilien Roberti Michiel Maes Julie Paternotte Nicolas Minnaert
May 2023
Brussels (BE)
Niche: Crew & hospitality management

About this event

20 km of Brussels is a running race which takes place every year in Brussels. With its challenging course, featuring long climbs and steep inclines, the event attracts many visitors from over 130 different nationalities. Along the race, runners and hikers can enjoy a beautiful journey through Brussels, passing impressive monuments and parks.

For the 2023 edition, Shadows assisted Sportizon with the general coordination of the supply stations by SPA Belgium. Our dedicated team was responsible for the build-up and build-off and the smooth fuelling of the 40 000 brave runners and hikers. Divided into five smaller units, each team was responsible for one supply station, where we steered a group of 100 volunteers per station.

What Shadows did

  • Crew management

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