The Village (Pals)

Dario De Braeckeleer
Pals (ES)
Niche: Event management

About this event

The Village a festival organized by Travelbase. Once a year, the quiet town of Pals (ES) is turned into a festival for youngsters who love a mix of sport activities, fun at the beach and unforgettable parties. At the campsite people could find a giant pool, a food truck village and plenty of nicely decorated chill areas. The festival area, with giant outdoor stage and an indoor club, was located a few kilometers away from the campsite. Shuttle busses transported the participants between the campsite and the festival area.

In 2017 a freelancer of Shadows was asked to manage the festival zone. After this successful cooperation, ​we were asked to manage the entire event in 2018.

What Shadows did

  • Project management
  • Event production
  • Safety management
  • Food & beverages

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