Gerben Carron Nicolas Minnaert
Summer 2022
Flanders (BE)
Niche: Event management

About this event

Parkies is a cosy family festival taking place in 18 different parks, hosted by Flanders' biggest radiostation, Radio 2. With no less than 125 free concerts all across Flanders, Parkies has the highest number of unique visitors of all summer festivals. Divided in different ‘tours’, Shadows took care of ‘Tour A’, covering Waregem, Torhout, Deinze, Maldegem and Roeselare and welcoming various artists like Gers Pardoel, Cookies & Cream, Bart Kaëll and OLIVIA.

As a site manager, we were responsible for crew coordination and briefings, communication with the local authorities, artist contact and hospitality, bar management and logistics. More so, one of our team members temporarily stepped in as project manager, giving him responsibility for the whole Parkies event.

What Shadows did

  • Event management
  • Crew & hospitality management
  • Logistics

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