Hi, I am Michiel Maes

Always in for a joke, but never joking around when it comes to the job. Confident about the skills I have as an event producer and eager to broaden them, I arrive highly motivated at every job.

I love the fulfilled feeling after a long day of hard work, only to get up with a fresh ton of energy the next morning. As I always keep my head cool, I’m a solid rock to rely on in stressful situations, ready for any challenge you might have in stock.

Services I offer

Event production

We offer our eye for detail to support you in your event production, are there for advice and follow up your production from A to Z.


We support you during build-up and build-off and make sure the entire process is focused on efficiency.

Food & beverages

We will manage the food and beverages at your event with solid managerial skills to take care of any challenges you might face.

Projects I worked on