Hi, I am Maximilien Roberti

I feel like knowledge is there to share and I am always willing to help you out. I believe in the power of a strong team, ‘together we can tackle anything’.

I always go all out and aim for the highest quality and efficiency when I manage an event. Last minute changes? Bring it on!

Services I offer

Event management

We support you in managing your event, from cash registers to break-down. We will make sure your event is up and running and go all out.

Event production

We offer our eye for detail to support you in your event production, are there for advice and follow up your production from A to Z.

Crew & hospitality management

We will take responsibility for managing your crew and support you in raising your standard of hospitality.

Brand activation

We take care of your brand activations. Together we will raise brand awareness and build long lasting customer relationships for your client.

Food & beverages

We will manage the food and beverages at your event with solid managerial skills to take care of any challenges you might face.

Projects I worked on