Red Bull Zeepkistenrace

Panama Events
Dario De Braeckeleer Miguel Bogaert Maximilien Roberti Lobke Vangansbeke Michiel Maes Jasper Meuldermans
September 2022
Circuit Spa-Francorchamps (BE)
Niche: Event production

About this event

At the Red Bull Soapbox Race, teams are challenged to build the most pretty, fast and crazy soapbox to go down an obstacle course. The 6th edition took place on the iconic Raidillon of the Spa-Francorchamps F1 circuit, a steep hill of no less than 17%. No engines allowed, only breaks and steering skills to the rescue.

Our team helped Panama Events produce this wacky race. We laid out the course, built the different obstacles and the starting platform, guaranteed everything was safe for both the public and the contestants and made sure that every detail looked great. During the race itself, our team managed a smooth coming and going of soapboxes at the starting line and kept an eye on the course to fix anything that shifted or needed repairing. After the winner had been crowned, we crossed our own finish line by breaking everything back down neatly.

What Shadows did

  • Event production

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