Hockey Pro League

Golazo Sports
Maximilien Roberti Miguel Bogaert Dario De Braeckeleer
October 2021
Brussels (BE)
Niche: Event production

About this event

The prestigious FIH Hockey Pro League brings the best national women's and men's teams of the world together, in a 9-month competition. Belgium welcomed the German women and men’s team in Brussels for a match in October 2021. This was the first official game for team Belgium after becoming the Olympic champions.

Shadows was responsible for the production of the event. We took care of build-up (and later build-off), but also played different roles during the event itself:

  • Bar management: count, distribute and refill the drinks between the different bars
  • Cash register management: opening and closing cash registers, management of tokens and make a financial overview of income and sales
  • Permanence: solving (technical) problems and ensuring the event runs smoothly

What Shadows did

  • Event production
  • Financial management
  • Technical support
  • Bar management

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