BK Beach Volley

Golazo Brands Belgium
Dario De Braeckeleer
August 2021
Brussels (BE)
Niche: Event production

About this event

Belgian Beach Volley Championship is an annual beach volleyball competition where multiple teams are competing for the national title. It's a tournament consisting of eight different competitions across the country. The finals took place on the Tour & Taxis site from 13th to 15th of August. No fewer than 118 matches were played in 1 weekend. The event is a collaboration between the Flemish Volleyball Federation and Sportizon.

Two freelancers from Shadows were responsible for the event production before, during and after the event. For the construction, a freelancer from Shadows with expertise in woodwork was asked to build the volleyball courts.

What Shadows did

  • Event production
  • Site construction

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